Dharani values working collaboratively with clients to assist them in taking an active role to overcome their psychological concerns. She has particular clinical interest and expertise in treating adult clients with anxiety and post-traumatic stress.   

As a clinical psychologist, Dharani’s approach focusses on providing best-practice science-based treatments that is sensitive to her clients’ needs. She primarily practices within a cognitive behavioural therapy framework, and draws from several modalities such as schema therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy to complement treatment.
Dharani draws from her work as a research fellow at UNSW's School of Psychology, and clinician at the Traumatic Stress Clinic to further inform her clinical practice. She completed a PhD focussed on investigating the role of physical exercise in emotional memories, with clinical applications to improve treatments for anxiety and traumatic stress.



Eileen is a highly proficient clinical psychologist who provides a warm, supportive environment for adult clients to learn strategies designed for a more fulfilled life. She delivers highly effective treatment for anxiety, stress, and perfectionism, as well as, a wide range of emotional and life issues, where therapy is tailored to your needs.

She utilises an evidence-based approach by drawing upon treatment modalities, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, schema therapy, compassion-focussed therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy, amongst others. She is highly adept at using a myriad of therapeutic approaches in an integrated manner, which she gained from years of experience in diverse environments, ranging from private practice, university, hospital and community settings.

Eileen also draws from her PhD research on perfectionism at Sydney University to inform her clinical practice, particularly when working with clients negatively impacted by unrelenting standards.